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Pseudonim artystyczny: Se7en
Prawdziwe imię: Choi Dong Wook
Urodziny: November 9, 1984
Grupa krwi: B
Wzrost: 180 cm
Waga: 64kg
Ksywa: Seven Eleven
Rodzina: Babcia, rodzice, starsze siostry
Hobby: Tylko Muzyka!
Specjalności: Śpiewanie, taniec, rapowanie
Wiara: Chrześcijanin! Amen!
Ulubieni muzycy: Usher, Justin Timberlake, Joe, Dru Hill
Ulubione colory: Biel i Czerń
Typ dziewczyny: It's better to have a better personality than pretty looking face
Co jest dla niego cenne: Having almost 1,000 cds
What kind of stage do you want to be on: Abroad
Co chce robić w przyszłości: To be a musician that changes the world!
Motto:Always be humble, Have the best dreams!

Se7en (세븐) (born Choi Dong Wook (최동욱) November 9, 1984) is a South Korean pop and R&B singer. Se7en began training under a management agency YG Family at the age of 15. After 4 years of intense training in voice and dance, Se7en made his debut in 2003 and became an instant hit throughout Asia. He has released a total of 4 albums, various singles, and aims to become a world-renowned artist.

Ever since Se7en's debut, he has been under the YG Family label. Much of his career is comprised of constant promotions for his songs through live performances on TV, radio shows, and occasionally, concerts. He began learning Japanese at an early age in preparation for his promotional activities in Japan, and is one of the few South Korean artists who can speak Japanese fluently and thus, cross the language barrier that hinders most South Korean artists. He is currently developing his English speaking skills for his upcoming US debut.

Se7en is constantly traveling throughout Asia, particularly Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and China. He has also performed a few times in the United States, specifically Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington DC.

In addition to performing, he has been featured on numerous gameshows in South Korea and Japan, and various commercials such as Anycall, Baskin Robbins, Coca Cola, LG telecom and most recently, Sprite. He has held a total of five concerts in Japan: one held in 2005 at Yokohama, and for the year 2006, two held in Tokyo and two in Osaka. He held a total of three concerts for his "24/SE7EN" album promotion June 2006 in Seoul, South Korea. His popularity has earned him an award for the Most Popular Korean Singer in the MTV Asia Awards 2006 at Bangkok, Thailand, and the MTV Best Buzz Asia Award 2006.

As of August 2006, Se7en is performing in the YG Family 10th Anniversary world concert tour in the following countries: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and the USA. Finally, Se7en is scheduled to release his fourth Korean album in October 2006.

Korean albums

1 Spoiler!
1. Intro
2. I just wanna be
3. Wa chweo (Come back to me)
4. Han bon dan han bon (one time, just one time)
5. One to Ten
6. Ah shee-woon ee-byul (featuring Wheesung)
7. Interlude
8. Oo yon hi neol pwa doh
9. Lose Control (featuring Wheesung, Lexy)
10. Baby I like you like that
11. Gojt suel deul ko seo (Holding Flowers)
12. Ahnnyong
13. Toh mol ri doh na yo (Go farther away)
14. Neo ee gil pa rae

2 Spoiler!
1. Yeol Jeong (Passion)
2. Yokshim (Greed)
3. Honey I Know
4. 2Night
5. Du-go-leum (2 steps)
6. Munshin
7. Se7en's Love
8. I Just Know (interlude)
9. Al rah (I Know)
10. O-gee
11. Wishy Washy
12. Christmas With You
13. Deud-go ship-ji a-neun mal (Words I don't want to listen to)
14. You're My Everything
15. Real Love Story

3 Spoiler!
1. Intro (24 for 7)
2. I Know (feat. Teddy)
3. Love Story (feat. Masta Wu)
4. Come back to me 2
5. Oh No (feat. Teddy)
6. Interlude (Heaven)
7. All Night
8. Because I want to live
9. The One
10. Insect (feat. Jinu)
11. nae ip jom mag ah joh (feat. Perry)
12. Interlude (Follow Me)
13. BABY U
14. Run (Feat. G-Dragon, Taekwon)
15. ul eum ga teun ee byul
16. geu nam ja chu rum
17. Outro (7 virus)

4 Spoiler!
1. Se7olution [ Intro ] (Composer: Perry ,Lyrics:Se7en, Arrangement:Perry)
2. Girl Friend (Composer: Teddy, Se7en ,Lyrics: Se7en, Arrangement: Teddy)
3. 라라라 (La La La} (Composer: Teddy,Lyrics: Teddy)
4. 잘할게 (I will do well) (Composer: Lee Young Hyun,Lyrics: Lee Young Hyun)
5. Last Of Diary (Composer: A-ki ,Lyrics: Yoon kyung, rina moon)
6. Again (Composer: Teddy ,Lyrics: Teddy)
7. Can You Feel Me (Composer: Perry,Teddy ,Lyrics: Lee Seung min,Se7en, Arrangement: Perry, Teddy)
8. 닮은 사랑 (A similar love) (Composer: Lee Gyu won ,Lyrics: Jang Yeon jung)
9. I'M Sorry (Interlude) (Composer: Perry ,Lyrics:Se7en , Arrangement:Perry)
10. Oh~[Oh ma girl] (Composer: Kim byung hoon, the brave brothers, Lyrics: Se7en, Arrangement: The brave brothers)
11. Get Up And Dance (Composer: Perry ,Lyrics: Kim lee na)
12. 허락해줘 (Please give me permission) (Composer: Perry,Lyrics:Se7en , Arrangement: Perry)
13. 독백 (Monologue) (Composer: Kim min ,Lyrics: Choi gap won)
14. Promise (Composer: Se7en ,Lyrics: Yoon kyung, charlie Br, Arrangement: Justin Kaw)

Track list translated by cecilia

Korean Singles
Crazy - (2004.12.01) - 1st Commercial Korean Single, digital download only

Japanese albums

1 Spoiler!
1. Puzzle
2. Entrance
3. Startline
4. Shinkirou SHINKIRO
5. Rainbow
6. Last of Diary
7. Red Voice
8. Sono mama de...
9. Style
10. Forever mind
11. Key of Love
12. Hikari
13. Forever

Japanese Singles
Hikari ( 2005.02.23 )
Style ( 2005.05.18 )
Start Line / Forever (double A-side single) ( 2005.10.19 )
1. I wanna...
2. What you want?

Dodatkowe piosenki
Se7en - Geuriumdo Undwegetjyo (Smile Again OST)
Se7en - Just Once (live)
Se7en - Come back to me (eng)
Se7en - Tattoo (eng)
Se7en - Crazy
Se7en - Come back to me 2 (chinese)
Se7en & Wheesung - She's Mine

Come Back To Me
One More Time
I Know (featuring Teddy)
Come Back To Me - Part 2
Chiri Boshi
Spoiler! must see


Spoiler! widać trochę gołego ciałaka :P
Spoiler! kjutaśne :D
Spoiler! jeden z najlepszych jego występów (na widowni był Michael Jackson, którego Se7en jest wielkim idolem, a Se7en był akurat wtedy chory, co mu nie przeszkodziło zrobić świtnego show :))

Se7en & Taebin

2003 November 27 : Music Video Festival New male Artist Music Video Award
2003 December 5 : The 18th Golden Disc New Artist Award
2003 December 10 : KMTV Korean Music Awards New Male Vocalist Award
2003 December 12 : Seoul Music Awards New Artist Award
2003 December 29 : SBS TV 2003 Popular Song Awards New Singer Award
2003 December 29 : MBC TV 2003 Entertainment Awards Pop Singer Section - Special Award
2003 December 31 : MBC TV 2003 Top Ten Vocalist Awards New Vocalist Award
2004 December 2 : The 19th Golden Disc Main Award + Popular Music Video Award
2004 December 4 : & KM Music Video Festival Male Solo Vocalist Award
2004 December 30 : KBS TV 2004 Korea Pop Award Main Award
2004 December 31 : MBC TV 2004 Top Ten Vocalist Award Main Award
2005 May 28 : Channel V Thailand Awards Asian Sensation Award
2006 January 14 : 2005 China Original Music Ranking Chart SPRITE Awards Best Artist in Asia
2006 March 9 : 2005 Japan Golden Disc Special Award
2006 May 6 : MTV Asia Awards - MAA 2006 Favorite Artist Korea
2006 May 27 : MTV Video Music Awards Japan - VMAJ 2006 Best Buzz Asia from Korea[/quote]

oficjalna strona
oficjalne forum
soompi forum
oficjalne videłki credit to happyroach
teksty i tłumaczenia

co jakiś czas będę tu dodawać jakieś linki :)

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Post autor: Katimon » 07 paź 2006

aaa ja tez chce tak umiec jak on na tym drugim i trzecim zdjeciu:P
arigato Ayako dzieki tobie moja muzyczna kolekcja powieksza sie z dnia na dzien;] wlasnie jestem w trakcie sciagania pierwszej plyty;]
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Post autor: ayako » 07 paź 2006

nie ma za co, w końcu kocham tego faceta, więc to sama przyjemność :P

jeśli nie macie nic przeciwko to będę tu wklejać różne artykuły o Se7enie ^^ (zgapię pomysł od Dev :P)

Se7en Stops Activies in Korea & Stays in USA for 3 Months

Singer SE7EN (22, Choi Dong Wook) will temporarily stop all activites in Korea to prepare for his debut in the US.

YG Family, SE7EN'S respective company, has expressed online on the 13th, after this week, SE7EN will suspend all his activites in Korea. We were planning to promote another title song, but because we want to achieve this bigger goal, we hope all fans can understand and forgive us.

They also said, because we weren't satisfied with the music video with the new director, we decided to film it again with the director for 'Nan Arayo'. Although we have wasted alot of production money, we do not want to broadcast anything that we are unsatisfied with.

While SE7EN was promoting his third album, he was also in the mid-production of his fourth album. It is prearranged for him to release his fourth album in October of this year. The title song for the fourth album has already been chosen.

After the end of his activites on June 17th, SE7EN will be staying in the US for three months.

Credits: Asian Fanatics, Bunnylicious and Innolife
18.06.06 r.

Singer Seven will release a single early next year with the purpose of entering the U.S. Billboard chart and emerging as a globally renowned star.

According to YG Entertainment, which opened an office in Los Angeles, USA in April, Seven will announce a single with English vocals early next year to establish his presence in the American music market. A person from YG Entertainment said the singer plans to release three or four singles and a full-length album in the United States next year, and that the new songs will be similar in style to those of top American artists Usher and Justin Timberlake.

YG Entertainment America has hired several American music producers to ensure Seven’s success in the United States, and even chose Morgan Carey, the brother of pop diva Mariah Carey, as its partner because Carey is known to have a vast human network in the American music market.

Seven’s agency says the singer will continue to make all kinds of endeavors to reap positive results in the United States, following his successful career in the Japanese music market, where his three singles and one full-length album made it to the top-ten of the Oricon music chart.

Singer Kim Beom-soo is the only South Korean artist to make it to the Billboard chart so far. Kim’s song “Hello Good-bye Hello,” sung with English vocals, took the 51st spot on the Billboard Single Sales 100 chart in December 2001 through a record label that his agency established in the United States. Another South Korean singer, Mink, who debuted in the United States via a Japanese record company, topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in March, making headlines both in Korea and Japan.

Prior to his debut in the United States, Seven will release his fourth album in Korea in October.

Source: KBS Global
29.08.06 r.

Singer Seven, who will release a new album next month, will give a solo concert October 28 after four months off.

The concert will serve as the finale of the 2006 Seoul Music Festival, which kicks off October 8 for a 22-day run. The festival, the second of its kind, will feature various artists who will stage performances in succession to revive the stagnated domestic music industry.

The festival received a favorable response from audiences last year, as they were able to see the performances of singers Lee Seung-chul, Shin Seung-hoon, Rain, BoA and TVXQ for 35,000 won per ticket and enjoy beer free of charge.

Seven¡¯s upcoming concert carries special significance because the singer is preparing to debut in the United States and plans to focus on his overseas activities in the near future rather than perform in Korea.

Last month, Seven enraptured Japanese audiences when he performed in Tokyo and Osaka as part of the World Tour marking the 10th anniversary of YG Entertainment, his agency.

At the upcoming concert, the singer will sing songs from his new album and previous hit songs.

Aside from Seven, the 2006 Seoul Music Festival will feature such artists as Kim Hyun-chul, DJ D.O.C., Lee Seung-hwan, Sung Shi-kyung, YB Big Mama, Next, TVXQ and M (Lee Min-woo).

The festival is being sponsored by the Seoul municipal government and the charity organization The Chest of Love, which has also staged a campaign inviting visitors to bring used books that will be donated to the needy.

Source: KBS Global

"Se7en's drama performance will not happen."

YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk has revealed the official message on Se7en's rumored leading role in the drama "Palace 2".

Yang has posted a message in the YG homepage last September 29 regarding news last 28th that Se7en will be acting in a drama. Yang conveyed that Se7en acting in it is impossible and that no one has been decided to star in the drama.

Top star Se7en has been receiving offers to act in dramas and in the big screen but he has refused for he reasons that he wants to concentrate as a singer.

Yang accepts the fact that many singers are venturing into acting. He revealed that Se7en was offered to act in a drama and a movie but they are still thinking hard if Se7en will really pursue an acting career. The YG director also said that acting can help Se7en branch out into the Asian market.

"So is Se7en going to act in the future? What kind of drama and what kind of role will be fit for the singer?" Se7en's move into acting is surely something they have to think about.

Source: newsen + +
03.10.06 r.

Spoiler! 나예요~
It's me~

It's been a long time since i greeted everyone~

Everyone's been well, right?
Is everyone having a good chusok holiday?

Lately i'm at the height of last minute production for the album~
Everyone will be able to listen to the new album at the end of the month~
I will be showing everyone the image i've had up til now as well as a new image with good songs,
so just wait a bit more!^^

At present...
The progress of the album and overseas activities...
Everything is progressing well~
Maybe i will be able to let everyone know of good news soon~

I am deeply thankful to everyone who always gives me support and treasures me
Thanks to you, I am here where i am now... that's how i think of it
I am not satisfied with where i am now and will work harder and intend to rise even higher~^^
However I look at it... Compared to the path I have taken to come to where i am now, i think there are many more roads i have to take in the future..
I will have to work very hard in order to accomplish those things in a cool way~ (haha sorry sounds funny the translation)

Everyone is going to cheer me on right? ^^
Everyone~ Spend the Chusok holidays enjoyably~
I hope that u are filled always only with happy and fortunate things
I will greet everyone again with good news soon~^^
Have a happy chusok~^^

ah also...
Recently my drama news articles has been so noisy (annoying)
and i havent even said anything... ^^
Althought there's alot of things i want to say~
It seems like if i speak then it will get more noisy
I will definitely refrain from saying what i want to say~^^

( News wont come out after i say this right?
"Se7en! Wants to say alot but must refrain from doing so!" hehehe

Then the following part is the hidden ps 2

Also... recently...
There's been some problem and there's even been some conflict with other ppl..
Please dont think too seriously of it~
such things can happen right?^^
Dont think of it as Us losing something which belongs to us~
The important thing...
Is that we were the first ones~^^
It seems like that it is a cooler thing to become someone else's example with better ideas, better music and a cooler image~^^
Everyone can be also like that right?
We've always come along like that~^^
The fact that we can be of help to someone else is a thing to be proud of~
Everyone~ Let's be prouder~!^^

[The hidden part ends here]

Everyone knows this right?
We Are One~ & Alwayz NO.1

Peace !!!


Translation by cecilia
taken from

Dla wyjaśnienia: Znakiem rozpoznawczym fanów Se7ena i jego symbolem (zwłaszcza na koncertach, ale nie tylko) od samego początku jest zielona, fluorescencyjna siódemka z plastiku, a ostatnio jyp, która zajmuje się Bi planuje wyprodukować podobne tylko, że w kształcie R. No i z tego powodu była burzliwa dyskusja wśród fanów.

Spoiler! to be broadcasted as a documentary

SE7EN during the YG Family concerts in America will be broadcasted as a documentary. "NHK's 'Hot Talk USA' will produce and broadcast in the US a documentary on SE7EN", revealed by YG Entertainment on October 10.

The interview-type documentary of SE7EN will cover the YG Family US concerts period. "'Hot Talk USA' would like to televise an international documentary program of the Korean singer SE7EN's American performances", according to SE7EN's management.

"Hot Talk USA" featuring SE7EN will be broadcasted in America in November and even in NHK Japan. "Hot Talk USA" is a popular program of NHK America which features many famous people but this will be the first time for the Korean singer SE7EN.

SE7EN will be going to America to participate in YG Family's 10th Anniversary concert. The US tour will start on October 18 in DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC. Next stop will be on October 19 in The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York. The last of the series of American concerts in America will be in the Grand Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles on October 21. After the performances, SE7EN will return to Korea to start his 4th album activities.

Source: Innolife + Digital YTN + Joynews24 + NEWSIS + Newsen

credit +

It has been decided that top star SE7EN will take the male lead role in the series "Palace 2". An authorized personnel from the production outfit Group Eight relayed this decision through a phone call with Joynews24 on the morning of October 16.

The authorized personnel even stated that SE7EN is already a great dancer and they anticipate that he will perform well as an actor.

"Palace 2" is about a common man who did not know that he comes from a Royal family.

SE7EN will release his 4th album at the end of the month. Once the drama starts shooting, it is estimated that SE7EN will only be able to perform in music programs during weekends.

Source: Innolife + Digital YTN + Joynews24 + NEWSIS
16.10.06 r.

Please credit + when posting this elsewhere.


Singer SE7EN faces an acting challenge for the first time in the drama "Palace 2". SE7EN was fascinated by the character which made him decide to take the male lead role.

"Se7en understood the male character's hardships in the drama. He was attracted by the human nature involved in the drama", according to a YG Entertainment authorized personnel in an interview on the morning of October 17.

SE7EN plays the role of a delivery staff in a Chinese restaurant who later knows that he comes from a Royal family.

SE7EN, who is currently with YG Family for their YG Family World Tour, will be returning to Korea on October 28. Drama shoot is scheduled to start on December 1. "Palace 2 or Prince Hours" is planned to be released in early next year.

Source: Innolife + Digital YTN + Joynews24 + NEWSIS



Singer Se7en on Monday announced his plan to cooperate with the producer of American artist Usher to make his debut in the U.S. pop market. He made the announcement at a press conference in New York at the Imagine Asia TV Theater. Starting late this month, he will begin work on his first single album to be released in the U.S. early next year.

YG Entertainment, Se7en’s agency, said that it had signed a contract with a U.S. entertainment company to promote Se7en in the country. The company is headed by Mark Shimmel, the famous producer who produced records of such famous artists as Usher, Tony Blackstone, and TLC.

Shimmel designated Rich Harrison as a producer for the Korean singer. Harrison won the producer award at the Grammy Awards in 2004 by producing Beyonce Knowles’ “Crazy in Love.” Other renowned singers he worked with include Janet Jackson, Usher, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez.

“Mark Shimmel has seen Se7en's great potential to succeed in the U.S. He took a close look at Se7en’s performances in Korea and said that he could not believe there was such a great singer so talented at both dancing and singing live in Asia,” YG Entertainment said. “Rich Harrison also said that he could see why Shimmel decided to work with Se7en. A famous rapper will participate in Se7en’s U.S debut single.”

Meanwhile, the Korean entertainment company will hold tour concerts to celebrate its 10th anniversary in three U.S. major cities--Washington D.C. on Oct. 18, New York at the Madison Square Garden on Oct. 19 and LA at the Grand Olympic Auditorium on Oct. 21. The two U.S. producers will attend the New York concert.

credits: KBS Global News + Se7enth Heaven ... 11692.html


Out of the 4 leads of "Palace 2", Se7en was voted by the people as the most anticipated one.

On October 17, an Internet survey was started asking who among the 4 leads of "Palace 2" is the people most looking forward to. In a total of 6,535 Netizens, 3,646 (55.8%) voted for Se7en, which placed him in number 1.

The MBC drama "Palace 2" is about a delivery man in a Chinese restaurant who does not know that he comes from a Royal family.

Netizens reaction on Se7en's acting range from "I am looking forward to Se7en's acting" to "Se7en's acting transformation is very refreshing".

Park Shin Hye ranked 2nd with 1,800 (27.5%) votes. In 3rd place was Kang Dun with 743 (11.4%) votes.

Se7en's partner Heo Lee Jae received 346 (5.3%) votes.

Source: newsen

Please credit when posting this elsewhere


Everyone’s well, right? I’m Yang Hyun Suk.

Today I will be talking about Se7en.

At the moment, YG family is in the US for the Washington, New York, LA for the YG family 10th anniversary concerts. Actually I was going to go together but because of Se7en's 4th album work, I had to stay behind and couldnt catch the plane.

The concerts have now finished and most of the singers will return to seoul soon but Se7en will be going back to Washington today to record the first single which will be released in the US next year Spring.

About Se7en's debut into America

I think everyone found out about the news through different pathways

Mark Shimmel, who will be conducting Se7en's debut into America, is the representative of the famous record company LAFACE. He is known for the discovery of the wellknown Usher, Toni Braxton, TLC etc. Recently, he is the producer of Jay-Z, who has just been to korea.

Also, Rich Harrison, who won a grammy award in 2004 for Beyonce's crazy in love will be producing Se7en's first single and has produced for superstars Janet Jackson, usher, Alicia keys, Jennifer lopez, Christina Aguilera etc.

Although it has been hard to obtain a chance to enter the American market, fortunately we've met a good partner and we've be able to obtain this chance.

To be honest, compared to the fact that the chance to debut into America has been obtained, the thing which makes us more happy is that se7en has gotten recognition from the best of the US music world.

A few days ago after the new york concert, Se7en met Mark Shimmel for the first time and he said to SE7en that it seems like everything should turn out fine. To be honest, there are no words which could be better than that^^ Se7en's debut into the US will be next year's spring and in the remaining time I will be working with Mark Shimmel about se7en's promotion.

The release of Se7en's 4th album Se7olution

Se7en’s 4th album Se7olution will be released on the coming November 1st.

Se7olution puts together the meaning of Se7en and development, evolution.

There will be a total of 14 tracks and there will be 2 songs which will be written by Se7en himself and many songs which he wrote the lyrics to.

This time Se7en's 4th album title song is called '라 라 라' (English translation would be La La La ), a slow tempo song. It seems like there will be a lot of people who will be surprised that Se7en will be using a slow song for his title track , the more surprising thing will be that we will be preferably avoiding dancing.

The reason for that is because from the past 2nd album title song Passion, digital single Crazy and the 3rd album's title song I know, in the past few years, Se7en has shown a visual side to him with dance that has a strong hip hop rhythm.

This time for the 4th album, with colorfulness, instead of satisfying the eyes, we wanted to make an album which would satisfy the ears and the mind. Because of this, we are not planning a showcase for the album.

Sometimes when composers from the outside come to the recording studio for se7en's recording, they say 'He sings better than I thought he does'

Is this praise? Or is it insult? We listen to this without knowing what to think… and sometimes I see that when se7en sings big mama’s resignation, or sings wheesung, gummy’s songs, there is a unexpected response so I think that the change se7en needs the most now is not a se7en with a strong rhythmic dance but to show the best side to his voice with a good melody and song.

That's because the majority of normal people remember se7en the most from his 1st album's 'Wah joh'

Title song La La La came about as se7en was preparing for his American debut and learning English, living in America for 2 months. The song La La La was recorded in America with Teddy.

Should one be happy...or sad..… although it's confusing, the title song has come about

Title song La la la's lyrics are written by Big mama's Lee Young Hyun and will be promoted together with 'I will do well'(cecilia's note: it can also mean, iw ill be good to you, I will be good etc, depending on the context) which was compsed by her. I think that many people will like these songs which se7en has received from her for the first time.

The filming of the 2 parts of the music video have all finished and will be released on the 1st of November at the same time as the album.

Se7en’s comeback will be on the 4th November!

About Se7en acting in a drama……

It is a decision which was made with lots of struggle.

During this time, I've asked se7en a few times about acting and his response every time has been that he wants to concentrate as a gasoo and wants to try acting after the 4th album. Although that is the fact, the plan has been brough forward a bit but it came about after the completion of the recording of the 4th album.

Although because Se7en has had an image that he will not act and there is no way to avoid the dissatisfaction and seeming irony who have been voiced, it seems that se7en himself will be the one to solve the problem. If he does well, then these complaints will disappear, if not, then the voices will become louder. The only thing I can do is to give him a vote of support with 'I believe in Se7en'

The drama will start shooting from the beginning of November til February next year and during this time, 4th album activities will be held at the same time with weekend TV activities.

That's all I am going to say today, sorry for saying too much
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Post autor: CHILMA » 07 paź 2006

ON jest SUPER *.*
Uwielbiam ten jego nowy singielek *.*

Ayako WIELKIE dzięki za te dodatkowe piosenki, bo np.: chińskiej wersji Come back to me 2 nie miałam ^^
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Kiedy bedę spać? @_@
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Post autor: Asu » 07 paź 2006

I ja również bardzo dziękuję! Jeszcze nigdy nie słuchałam jego piosenek, choć obiło mi się o uszy to i owo o Se7en :) A przystojniak z niego niesamowity :D
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Post autor: ayako » 07 paź 2006

a mam jeszcze pytanie: wolicie MVki w HQ czy LQ? czy takie i taki? bo nie wiem które uploadować ^^'
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Post autor: Katimon » 07 paź 2006

jestem po przesluchaniu dwuch albumow...i bardzo mi sie spodobaly wiec zabieram sie za sciaganie nastepnych:]
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Post autor: ayako » 07 paź 2006

a co do MV to LQ jest w linkach u happyroach (patrz linki), a HQ będę mieć jak się ściągną więc musicie na nie poczekać ^^'
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Post autor: Katimon » 08 paź 2006

jestem po 3 albumie:P i jest rownie swietny jak dwa poprzednie...juz nie moge sie doczekac tego co nam jeszcze dasz:} z gory za wszystko dziekuje:]
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Post autor: ayako » 08 paź 2006

jest jeszcze album japoński i singiel + te dodatkowe piosenki
a mój Słodziak za 17 dni wyda kolejną płytę :D po raptem 7 miesiącach od poprzedniej... kochasi jest dla swoich fanów. przeczytajcie wiadomość którą zostawił na swojej oficjalnej stronie wczoraj (jest w 2 moim poście na tej stronie)
już się nie mogę doczekać na nowy albumi, jestem strasznie ciekawa jaka ta płyta będzie. A Se7en już zapowiedział, że znów zmini styl (jak przy każdym nowym CD)... Ja już chcę tego posłuchać i zobaczyć ^^
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Post autor: Katimon » 08 paź 2006

ha jestem w trakcie sluchania 4 albumu i jest naprawde swietny:} tez jestem ciekawa jaki bedzie nastepny...i na jaki styl zmienia....mam nadzieje ze bedzie rownie dobry jak poprzednie:P
Ale z drugiej strony szkoda mi go kurcze zaledwie 7 miesiecy...musieli niezle charowac...ehhh...taka dola idola...
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Post autor: ayako » 10 paź 2006

strasznie się cieszę, że ci się podoba jego muzyka Katimonku :D teraz już wiesz, dlaczego jestem krejzi na jego punkcie, a jako ciekawostkę mogę wam powiedzieć, że Se7en zawsze (no chyba że juz naprawdę nie może z powodów technicznych i odgórnych) śpiewa na żywo (bez playbeku)! I śpiewa czysto (najczęściej :P) i potrafi przy tym genialnie tańczyć, a nie jest to łatwe...

dodałam linka do najnowszego teledysku I Wanna...
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Post autor: Katimon » 10 paź 2006

O_O szyneczki tez zazwyczaj spiewaja na zywo....ale ja im tego nie bronie bo wiem ze w czasie koncertu zaspiewac 11 piosenek jedna po drugiej i jeszcze tanczyc do tego to nie malo wysilku potrzeba....ehh wspolczuje im troche....niby wydaje sie ze zycie takich gwiazd jest proste...ale jakby sie tak zamienic z nimi na tydzien to bysmy sie przekonali ze pracuja ciezej niz nam sie wydaje
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Post autor: ayako » 16 paź 2006

o rany... Se7en jednak będzie grał główną rolę w "Goong 2" o_O Jestem w szoku... Nadal... Nie wiem co o tym myśleć.. Z jednej strony to cudownie, bo w przyszłym roku będę mogła go oglądać i oglądodać :P, ale z drugiej on już i tak jest wystarczająco zajęty, a teraz jeszcze to... Biedaczysko będzie wykończony...
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Post autor: Devi » 16 paź 2006

Oj tak.. wlasnie... jak ja patrze czasami co oni maja w tych grafikach to sie za glowe lapie...
I dlatego nie zawsze ufam do konca nawet oficjalnym info... bo np. Max mial grac w dramie Snow Flower (czy jakos tak) i niestety (a moze stedy bo ile mozna miec na glowie ?!) SM odwolalo jego udzial.
No coz... pozyjemy, zobaczymy ;>